Cullen Taniguchi with the TrueBeam in Radiation OncologyCullen Taniguchi, MD PhD

Dr. Taniguchi earned his MD PhD at Harvard Medical School, then completed a residency and research fellowship in Radiation Oncology at Stanford University in 2014. Dr. Taniguchi is now an Assistant Professor in Radiation Oncology at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, specializing in treating gastrointestinal malignancies, with a clinical focus on pancreatic cancer and anal cancer. Dr. Taniguchi also runs a translational laboratory that studies how to make to support our body’s natural immune system and stem cells to improve current radiation treatments. By increasing the healing of normal tissues and supporting the body’s immune functions, he hopes to make radiation therapy more effective by reducing toxicity and altering the tumor microenvironment to kill more cancer. For instance, Dr. Taniguchi is initiating trials in locally advanced pancreatic cancer to use radiomodulators to reduce toxicity and improve tumor response to stereotactic body radiation (SBRT). Dr. Taniguchi also has an ongoing study to understand how alterations in the immune microenvironment, including the gut microbiome, changes outcomes in response to chemoradiation in HPV+ anal cancer.


Twitter:  TaniguchiMD

Office:  Zayed Building, 6565 MD Anderson Blvd, Z3.3030

Lab:  Zayed Building, 6565 MD Anderson Blvd, Z3.3032

Ph:  (713) 745 5269

Fax: (832) 750 0089